Deposit Instructions for ICPSR Student Data Sandbox

  1. Go to the website and sign in. We recommend you create a MyData account if you are a new user. If you create a new account, you can then proceed to login as a returning user with your account email and password.
  2. Select "Share Data."
  3. You will be directed to your openICPSR workspace.
  4. You will see a list of previously created projects in the left navigation (if applicable) and a "Create New Project" button.
  5. Click "Create New Project."
  6. Ensure that "Student Data Sandbox" is indicated in the "Select a Repository" field.
  7. Provide a descriptive project title.
  8. Click "Save & Apply" to create a new project.
  9. Click "Continue to Project Workspace" to navigate to your project workspace.
  10. Complete the list of contributing students (can be individual students or something like "University of Michigan, SOC210, Fall 2020") and add a descriptive summary of your project.
  11. If the data you are depositing come from another original source, you should enter the URL of the original source in the Summary field.
  12. Upload data file(s), codebook, and any additional information that will help someone use those data. If you used the data in a paper, you should also include the code used to run your analyses, a copy of the paper itself, and anything else that will help another replicate your results.
  13. After clicking the "Upload Files" button, drag and drop your files or choose files through a file selection window.
  14. Click "Upload" to transfer files into your openICPSR project workspace.
  15. Close the "Upload Files" window after the files are uploaded successfully.
  16. Enter study-level information about the "Scope of Project" and "Methodology" in these respective sections.
  17. Once you have described your project and have uploaded and described your files, click "Publish Project."
  18. On the Publish data page, you can review the files you have uploaded and described. If everything is correct, click "Proceed to Publish."
  19. A final terms and conditions page will be presented.
  20. First, you will answer questions that assess the disclosure risk of your data (i.e., whether your data contain identifiable or sensitive information).
  21. If your data contain no identifiable or sensitive information, the data will be made available for public download.
  22. If your data include identifiable or sensitive information, you will be prompted to publish the data as restricted access. Restricted data are accessible only by researchers approved by ICPSR with a Restricted Data Use Agreement.
  23. Follow the remaining instructions on the page and agree to the terms of the openICPSR Deposit Agreement to complete the publishing process.
  24. When your project has been published, the project citation and DOI will be available on the project home page.