About the ICPSR Student Data Sandbox

ICPSR is a leader in data-sharing efforts within the social sciences, and students are generating and analyzing more data than ever before as part of class projects, honor's theses, and research papers. Put those two factors together, and you get the ICPSR Student Data Sandbox! The Sandbox is a place for students and classes from ICPSR member institutions to self-publish data they generate and/or use. Students will:

  1. Learn about data management with the goal of sharing
  2. Be recognized for the work they've contributed to social and behavioral research with a data citation and persistent identifier
  3. Learn from each other's data.
  4. The data can be collected by the students themselves or subsets of existing datasets, anything that students use for their own research!

Research methods courses that generally conduct campus surveys can compare their results to those from the previous years or to others from different kinds of schools. Students looking for data for a research project might be interested to know what others have used. The possibilities are almost endless!

Deposits should include data, annotated program code or command files, a codebook and/or questionnaire, and any other documentation that would be necessary to understand the data collection. For general instructions for publishing data or to begin building your sandcastle (aka, depositing data), please see the ICPSR Student Data Sandbox Deposit Instructions. For best practices in preparing data for sharing, please refer to ICPSR's Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving, 6th Edition.

Please note: Data deposited into the ICPSR Student Data Sandbox will not show up on searches begun on the ICPSR website. They will show up in search results on openICPSR and will, of course, always be accessible from their DOI.