About openICPSR

openICPSR is a great place to share and store your social and behavioral science research data. Your data will be preserved as-is and be available to data users at no cost. openICPSR is undergoing development and is currently free for all users to share their data up to a 2GB limit.

Interested in full curation with free public access? Please contact ICPSR Acquisitions for a quote.

If your intent is to donate your data to the ICPSR membership, please visit the ICPSR deposit form instead. Please note that data will not be immediately available; it will be placed in a queue of data deposits. Furthermore, the data will not be freely available to the general public; it will be restricted to ICPSR members.

Maximize Access

Be recognized and cited

openICPSR data are:

  • Easily shared - at no cost to data users
  • Discoverable - via ICPSR's data catalog, powerful search tools, and major search engine indexes
  • Widely accessible - in a repository used by over 700 top research institutions

Store Safely

Store your data with confidence

openICPSR's repository is:

  • Trusted - building on 50 years of reliably storing data
  • Sustainable - dedicated to long-term data storage
  • Standards-based - committed to international archiving standards

Protect Confidentiality

Ensure confidentiality and privacy

openICPSR sensitive data are:

  • Secured - to prohibit their release
  • Authorized - data users must be granted approval for access
  • Restricted - restricted access

For additional information, please consult the FAQs.