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Fleche, Sarah, Lepinteur, Anthony, and Powdthavee, Nattavudh. Replication data for: Gender Norms and Relative Working Hours: Why Do Women Suffer More Than Men from Working Longer Hours Than Their Partners? Nashville, TN: American Economic Association [publisher], 2018. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2019-10-13.

Project Description

Summary:  View help for Summary Constraints that prevent women from working longer hours are argued to be important drivers of the gender wage gap in the United States. We provide evidence that in couples where the wife's working hours exceed the husband's, the wife reports lower life satisfaction. By contrast, there is no effect on the husband's satisfaction. The results still hold when controlling for relative income. We argue that these patterns are best explained by perceived fairness of the division of household labor, which induces an aversion to a situation where the wife works more at home and on the labor market.

Scope of Project

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      D63 Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and Measurement
      I31 General Welfare; Well-Being
      J16 Economics of Gender; Non-labor Discrimination
      J22 Time Allocation and Labor Supply

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