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Adams, Nick, Albiston, Catherine, Milkman, Ruth, Mulligan, Deirdre, Reich, Michael, Samson, Frank L., … Hochschild, Arlie. Golden Bear Omnibus Survey 2007. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2016-08-19.

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Project Description

Project Title:  Golden Bear Omnibus Survey 2007
Summary:  The sample for the 2007 GBO is a dual frame sample, consisting of two parts: (1) a sample of cell phones within California; (2) a sample of residential landline telephones in California.  In the landline sample one person per household was selected to be interviewed.  Only English or Spanish speakers, resident in California, aged 18 and over were eligible to be included in the sample.

The number of completed interviews was 1,186

Scope of Project

Subject Terms:  public opinion
Geographic Coverage:  California
Time Period(s):  1/1/2007 – 12/31/2007 (2007)

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