About the Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention Data Repository

The Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention (IFIP) Data Repository is a topical research data archive. Located at one of the world's largest repositories for social science data, the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, the IFIP Data Repository supports research to prevent firearm fatalities and injuries by:

  • Making it easier to find and use topical data
  • Providing a place for researchers to deposit data about firearm violence and injury
  • Creating an environment to access sensitive data
  • Promoting the identification of data gaps relating to firearm violence and injury
  • Expanding access to firearm injury data
  • Providing long-term storage and preservation services for archived data

Our collection includes the following:

  • Data from research studies related to the subject of firearms
  • Administrative data related to firearms
  • Links to administrative (and other data resources) not hosted at ICPSR but which are relevant to firearms research
  • Data not directly related to firearms research but includes one (or more) variables related to firearm injuries, ownership, or attitudes

Confidentiality and Copyright

Investigators submitting data to ICPSR are entirely responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of research subjects. The presence of identifiable or sensitive information must be indicated during the submission process. If the data contain identifiable or sensitive information, they will be published as restricted access. ICPSR does not review submissions for disclosure risk.

What Makes the Repository Unique? 

For 25 years, the Dickey Amendment and U.S. federal policy prevented research examining the root causes of firearm-related injuries and fatalities. The decentralized nature of the U.S. statistical system for crime and public health also means the information available to researchers is fragmented. The IFIP Data Repository aggregates a set of already-collected data to help researchers answer questions.