Depositing Data in the AEA Data and Code Repository

The American Economic Association journals require authors to deposit data and materials with a community-recognized or general repositories. The AEA Data and Code Repository at ICPSR serves that purpose. Please see the AEA's Data and Code Availability Policy and data citation guidance at the Sample References page for more details. Authors are required to include a citation pointing to the deposit in the reference section of the final version of the article sent to the AEA. The openICPSR repository automatically generates a citation when the data are "published."

Deposits should include all data, annotated program code, command files, and documentation that is needed to replicate the findings from the authors' submitted article.

By depositing in the AEA Data and Code Repository, the depositors allow the AEA staff to add keywords and other metadata which are important for proper indexing in linking. Any other changes are subject to the license chosen for the materials.

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