Instructions for Depositing Data to the AEA Data and Code Repository

  1. Select "Share Data".
    • You will be directed to your openICPSR Workspace.
    • You will see a list of previously created projects in the left navigation (if applicable) and a "Create New Project" button.
  2. Click "Create New project".
    • Select “American Economic Association Data and Code Repository” in the “Select a repository” field.
    • Provide a descriptive project title.
    • Click "Save & Apply" to create a new project.
    • Click "View Project" to open the newly created project.
    • Complete the list of principal investigators (authors).
    • Add a descriptive summary of your project.
  3. Upload data, computer programs, sets of computer program recodes, extracts of existing data files, and supporting documentation necessary to replicate the results of your analyses.
    • After clicking the "Upload Files" button, drag and drop your files or choose files through a file selection window.
    • Click "Upload" to transfer files into your openICPSR project workspace.
    • Close the "Upload Files" window after the files are uploaded successfully.
  4. Be sure to include a README file!
  5. Enter study-level metadata as appropriate including information about the "Scope of Project", "Methodology".
  6. Under the "Related Publications" section, add a new entry by clicking "Add value".
    • Select "Manually Enter Citation" (even if you were provided a DOI!), and then select "Journal Article" as the publication type.
    • Fill in the title and authors of the submitted article or manuscript (which may differ from the name of the uploaded dataset).
    • Enter the name of the AEA journal you submitted to.
    • Click "Save & Apply." Do not enter any other information. If accepted, the Data Editor will populate the full information.
  7. DO NOT YET click "Publish Project".
  8. At this point, you should feel free to continue adding files, modifying information about files, etc.

Notifying the AEA Data Editor

When you are ready to release the deposit to the AEA Data Editor for further review, proceed as follows:

  1. You should now share the project with the AEA Data Editor (, giving permissions to edit and download, and publish contents:
    share permissions with AEA Editor
    If you receive an error message that says "Failed to share resources", please check the spelling of the email you entered.
  2. Add an entry to the "Project Communication Log" with the following information:
    • Subject: "Data deposit for " [Manuscript Central number]
    • Message:
      1. Author/Title of the manuscript (if different from the authors of the deposit)
      2. If you have had prior contact with the AEA Data Editor, you will also have a separate ID from that interaction (e.g. [AEJPOLICY-01]). Please add that number.

The AEA Data Editor will review the submission, and notify the editorial assistant when the files are ready for publication. Publication will be timed to coincide with the publication of the article.