About the PSID Repository

The Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) is the world's longest running household panel survey. The study began in 1968 with a nationally representative sample of over 18,000 individuals living in 5,000 families in the United States. Information on these individuals and their descendants has been collected continuously, including data covering employment, income, wealth, expenditures, health, marriage, childbearing, child development, philanthropy, education, and numerous other topics. Additional information about the study and access to public data is available on the PSID website.

This repository archives PSID data extracts created from PSID public data for publication and other uses. Accessing PSID data extracts within this repository is consistent with the PSID Conditions of Use which prohibit the transfer of PSID data that has been downloaded from the PSID website to any third parties (other than assistants and supervisors).