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Kaplan, Jacob, Naddeo, J.J., and Scott, Tom. Replication Files for “De-prosecution and death: A comment on the fatal flaws in Hogan (2022).” Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2022-09-20.

Project Description

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Version 2: Added two files in the Code/ folder that were used in our response to the response. These are in the Response-to-the-response-code folder.

Data Creation

Run "~\code\cpp_response.R" to create clean datasets:
  • "~\input\shr_top_cities.dta"
  • "~\input\srs_top_cities.dta"
  • Note this file will also produce some descriptive graphs that are featured throughout the article. This file is optional, in that the clean DTA datasets it produces are provided in the repo in the "input\" folder.

    Replication of main results

    1. After downloading the repo to your local machine insert path to repo and run "~\code\". This will build a directory structure that allows you to run all do files without edits.
    2. Run "~\code\" to install all required Stata packages for analysis.
    3. If you want the graphs to look similar to the ones in the paper run "~\code\", else ignore and set your own style.
    4. To replicate results in Hogan 2022 and compare them to bias-corrected results, run "~\code\"
    5. To replicate the figure illustrating robustness to extending the pre-treatment start time, run "~\code\".
    6. To replicate the figure illustrating robustness to restricting the donor pool, run "~\code\".
    7. To replicate findings using homicide rates (instead of totals), run "~\code\"

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    Scope of Project

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