Instructions for Linking Data to Articles for Journal of Economic History

  1. Deposit your data in openICPSR
    1. Sign in to the website
    2. Select "Share data".
      1. You will be directed to your openICPSR Workspace.
      2. You will see a list of previously created projects in the left navigation (if applicable) and a Create New Project button.
    3. Click "Create New project"
      1. Select "Journal of Economic History Data Repository" in the "Select a repository" field
      2. Provide a descriptive project title.
      3. Click "Save & Apply" to create a new project.
      4. Click "View Project" to navigate to your project workspace.
      5. Complete the list of principal investigators.
      6. Add a descriptive summary of your project. Description should start with "This is the replication package for...".
    4. Upload data, computer programs, sets of computer program recodes, extracts of existing data files, and supporting documentation necessary to replicate the results published in the JEH article.
      1. After clicking the "Upload Files" button, drag and drop your files or choose files through a file selection window.
      2. Click "Upload" to transfer files into your openICPSR project workspace.
      3. Close the "Upload Files" window after the files are uploaded successfully.
    5. Enter study-level metadata including information about the "Scope of Project" and "Methodology".
    6. Once you have described your project and have uploaded and described your files, click "Publish Project".
    7. On the Publish data page, you can review the files you have uploaded and described. If everything is correct, click "Proceed to Publish".
    8. A terms and conditions page is presented. Follow the remaining instructions by answering questions about disclosure risk, answering "No" to the delayed dissemination question unless previous arrangements have been made with JEH editors, and agreeing to the terms of the openICPSR Deposit Agreement to complete the publishing process.
  2. When your project has been published, you will receive a data citation and DOI (persistent URL), such as:
    Alter, G., & Merchant, E. (2016-01-26). IDS Transposer [Data set]. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium of Political and Social Research [distributor].
    1. Upon publishing, an automated email will be sent to Sally Sztrecska, JEH Production Editor, notifying her of the JEH data submission.
    2. Author will add the data citation to the appropriate sections of the manuscript.
    3. The project will be made available in the Journal of Economic History Data Repository:
  3. When your article has been published,
    1. The JEH Editor will provide the Cambridge DOI of the JEH article to ICPSR.
    2. ICPSR will add the JEH article DOI to the "Related Publications" section of the corresponding openICPSR project.

Deposit Instructions are also available in PDF format with accompanying figures.