About the COVID-19 Data Repository

The COVID-19 Data Repository is a repository for data examining the social, behavioral, public health, and economic impact of the novel coronavirus global pandemic. This is a free self-publishing option for any researcher who wants to share data related to COVID-19. Deposits should include all data, annotated program code, command files, and documentation necessary to understand the data collection and/or replicate research findings.

For general instructions for publishing data or to begin a deposit in the COVID-19 Data Repository, see the COVID-19 Deposit Instructions. For best practices in preparing data for sharing, please refer to ICPSR's Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving, 6th Edition.

ICPSR's Role

ICPSR does not improve or alter datasets deposited in openICPSR in any way. Data are distributed in the same condition and format submitted by the depositor.

In the event any data contain direct identifiers or pose a risk to participant anonymity, ICPSR reserves the right to make the data unavailable or restrict access as appropriate. ICPSR may also choose to curate and add data deposited to the COVID-19 Data Repository to its General Archive with permission from the data provider.

Confidentiality and Copyright

Investigators submitting data to ICPSR are entirely responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of research subjects. The presence of identifiable or sensitive information must be indicated during the submission process. If the data contain identifiable or sensitive information, they will be published as restricted access. ICPSR does not review submissions for disclosure risk. Investigators are also required to affirm that they have the right to publish this material. ICPSR requires a license for distribution of data, but copyright remains with the author.