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Adobe PDF Document Survey Report, Self-Reported Marriage Customs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2013
Doubt, Keith
1:05 PM
Data File SPSS File, Self-Reported Marriage Customs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2013
Doubt, Keith
1:07 PM
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Doubt, Keith
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Citation: Doubt, Keith. Self-Reported Marriage Customs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2013. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2014-07-18.

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Project Description

The study examines Bosnia's cultural heritage as exemplified in marriage customs shared by different ethnic groups, in particular, engagement parties, elopements, traditional weddings, religious ceremonies, civil ceremonies, affinal visitations, and religious endogamy. The purpose is study how marriage customs in Bosnia-Herzegovina reflect both a trans-ethnic heritage shared by Bosnians as a national group and particular ethnic heritages specific to different ethnic groups. A second purpose is to consider the variation of these marriage customs both over time and in relation to age, ethnicity, education, religiosity, and type of settlement. A third purpose is to assess the impact on these cultural practices of the past war from 1992-1996 and measure the resilience of this heritage since the war. Data from this study is included and analyzed in the principal investigator's book, Through the Window: Kinship and Elopement in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Central European University Press: Budapest, Hungary, 2014).

Funding Sources: Wittenberg University

Date Created: 2014-06-27

Scope of Project

Subject Terms: marriage, ethnicity, marriage ceremonies, cultural traditions

Geographic Coverage: Bosnia-Hercegovina

Time Periods : 1920's to 2013

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